Our Data policy

In order to give you a quote or fulfil a contract with you it is necessary for us to collect and process a certain amount information in regards to yourselves and your wedding day.

We will never pass this on to a third party beyond those in the direct employment of Jonathan Anelli (trading as Red seats) unless you have given us your consent to do so.

Should you contact us for a quote, we will contact you via the means that you specify. We will make up to four attempts to contact you. If after those four attempts we have not made contact, or received feedback in regards to whether our services are needed, we will cease contact
Any emails you send us are held on a secure password protected server. Any additional information you give us is again held behind password protection on secure private computers.

Should you wish to view the data that you have provided to us then please just ask.

Please note that should you employ our services, we are unable to erase all  information you provide us for four years after your films have been delivered. This is because all emails in regards to clients that have a contract with ourselves are archived. They are kept as records that can be referred to in the unlikely event of any dispute arising. After this four-year period, you can write to us and request erasure of all correspondence and information.

Cookie policy
We use jetpack and google analytics cookies to determine what our website users are focussing on and how they have found us. This helps us to work out how to offer our couples and clients what they’re looking form in the most efficient manner. If this doesn’t work for you then please contact us directly via jon@redseats.co.uk
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