You’re Unique, So is your wedding day.

Honest, finely crafted and fun wedding videos with a light-hearted touch.

Your wedding day has been months in the making. We want to help you capture all that hard work on video forever, in a way that truly reflects you and your day.

Telling your story

Our approach is all about crafting a film that honestly tells the stories of your day:
The story of how your maid of honour tore up the dance-floor… how your best man couldn’t manage a half Windsor knot… how dad cried seeing the dress… how mum cried during the vows… and how you all cried when granny got drunk and heckled the speeches.

We’re all about those stories.

“We had the most amazing wedding!

Ever since we woke up that next morning, we just wanted to re-live it. RedSeats have given us that!”

Dan & Lizzie

Unique and lively wedding videos

No two films are the same, because no two people are the same.

We’re not about never-ending slow-mo and endless wonky drone shots. We don’t work to a formula or a cookie cutter template.
Every frame and each sound in your wedding video is chosen for a purpose. If you’re fun but chilled your film will reflect that. If you’re hyper but emotional then your film will fit that too.

“The video Jon made is one of my absolute favourite mementos of our wedding day – and that’s coming from someone who initially didn’t want to have a videographer at all!”

Libby & Liam

Authentic Documentary Style

Our style is hands-off and relaxed. It’s your wedding day! Have fun with it! If you’re not having fun then we won’t have fun… and we like having fun. A lot of the time you won’t even notice we’re filming… like smartly dressed ninjas…with cameras

We loved Jon’s company on the day and how passionate he is in making something so important. We will always love watching this,
we cannot thank Jon enough! X

Theresa & Mike

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