What goes into a wedding film?

A spoonful of cinematography, a dash of documentary and 3 Kilos of creativity. Bake until crisp and Golden.

Most of you reading this probably won’t have gotten married before. So, it’d be pretty safe to assume that you’ve not had a wedding film before. You might be asking all sorts of questions like; How long do you film for? When the ceremony is over do you just nap in the car ‘til the speeches? Is it like being on Made in Chelsea? Well, lets address some of these questions.

General timeline.

Every wedding is different but we’ve found over the years that most weddings follow this format so this gives a little idea of how we work throughout the process.

1. Booking

We ask for a £300 booking to secure the date. Once we receive that along with your signed booking form we are all yours!

booking a wedding videographer
2. Three weeks to go

About three weeks before your wedding date we’ll send you an email with a questionnaire and a more detailed guide about what you can expect from us on the day. We’ll also send you the final invoice and invite you out for coffee or a Skype date to chat about your wedding day.

3. Morning preparations

We love filming the buzz on a wedding morning so we always try to begin by filming the prep for both the bride and the groom.

If there’s only one of us shooting we tend to prioritise the bride but we’ll always see if it’s possible to visit both.

4. The Ceremony

Once the dress is on we race over to the ceremony venue and set up a couple of tripods and try to set up a few audio recorders as well as mic up the groom and try to capture people arriving.

Check with your officiant or minister whether they have any restrictions on photo and video or if they’re concerned give us their email and we’ll get in contact with them.

5. The Reception

A lot happens at the reception. We’ll be looking to get shots of your guests chatting and enjoying themselves.

We’ll try to get shots of your reception room before all the guests pour in. Plus during this time ourselves and the photographer with most likely try to get some time alone with just the pair of you to get some un-posed and natural shots of you together.

6. The Meal

This is where we take a break. It can be along day.

We don’t require it but if you’ve been kind enough to provide food then it’s greatly appreciated.

7. The Speeches

These are important to us so we’ll mic up all of the speakers as well as try to get a feed from the PA system (if there is one) as well as litter a few “just in case” recorders around.

We then use two cameras to capture the speeches.

8. Evening Reception

Here again, we’ll be looking to get shots of your guests chatting and having a laugh.

Also, if there’s an awesome sunset we’ll ask you whether you’d be up for coming out for another portrait shoot… because everyone looks amazing in the sunset.

9. First Dance & Party

Obviously, we’re going to want to film your first dance if you’re having one.

This then usually leads into the evening partying. Once we feel like we’ve got enough footage of the party then it’s our time to leave.

10. The Edit

This is where the real work begins. I spend a lot of time working on each film.

A feature collection takes roughly a week and a half to put together. Like I’ve said elsewhere, we go into every wedding fresh. With no idea of what we’re going to produce. So, the editing process takes time as I’m crafting a narrative in the most interesting way that I can think of.

Usually your film will be ready in 6-8 weeks after the ceremony. In peak season (May-Nov) you may need to be patient for up to 12 weeks as we can be shooting up to three weddings a week.

10. Delivery

Firstly, we always send you your films via a password protected private link. Once we know you’ve seen the film then we remove the passwords for you to share it with friends and family and we’ll upload a version to social media for you (Highlights only).

Then we’ll send you a USB that also contains your ceremony and speeches to your home address.

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