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Rivington Hall Barn wedding video – Kate & Matt

By 13 September, 2016 No Comments

A Rivington hall barn wedding video

Kate and Matt had a beautiful Rivington Hall Barn wedding in late September.

Again, I’ve been extremely lucky to meet and film such a lovely couple. Usually bridal preparations in the morning are organised chaos with girls running back and forth getting hair and makeup done. But Kate had taken a more chilled approach with just her, her mother and her sister getting ready in their room. Kate was calm, but you could see the nerves creeping in.. We got chatting a little bit about the nature of our work (she works in TV so not a million miles from what we do) and I realised in this brief conversation what a lovely and beautiful woman she was. It all sounds a bit lame I know, but when you saw how she interacted with Matt’s daughter Erin as they were getting ready, you could easily see what a warm, gentle and cheery person she was. And when she put on that dress… oh that dress. It’s not often that I single out the dress but Kate had gone for a very simple gown with a lace jacket over the top that really set it off and made it into something totally unique and beautiful.
Matt’s a warm and funny guy and it’s easy to see what attracted Kate to him. All throughout our portrait sessions with the Lawsons (who got some amazing shots that you really do need to check out) he was making her laugh. His speech although heartfelt and sincere at times was peppered with light humour… and the occasional impromptu song which kept everyone entertained.
These guys have surrounded themselves with an awesome selection of family and friends, so when it became time for the evening festivities to commence nearly everyone was on the dance floor strutting their stuff. I mean, who doesn’t love a little oops upside your head. There was so much going on on that dancefloor sometimes I really didn’t know where to point the camera.
Another awesome wedding with an awesome couple. Thanks for having us.

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