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Rivington hall barn wedding – Lancashire wedding – Abbie & Mathew

By 12 January, 2018 No Comments

Abbie and Mathew had a fun filled Rivington hall barn wedding held at the end of September.

Rivington Hall barn is a really nice venue. I’ve been there a few times. The staff are really lovely, the location is great and the food is really good. On top of that there are some great locations for portraits especially when the sun is low in the nearby fields. We were lucky enough to capture some of the beautiful sunset on film at this particular wedding.

But it’s not the venue that makes the wedding. It’s the people, And these guys were just so much fun and had no problem with letting their personalities shine. The whole day was really about Abbie and Mathew having fun and their guests knew it. Weddings are whatever you want to make of them. If you want to have a quiet sit down meal with your nearest and dearest then do it. If you want your day to be one big part with all of your mates then do it. You can tell that Abbie and Mathew opted for the latter and that’s exactly what suited them best. They didn’t overthink it they weren’t worrying about how every little thing was going to go. They were there to get married and enjoy every moment of it.

A perfect Rivington hall barn wedding. Congratulations guys.

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