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the Mere resort wedding video – Cheshire wedding video – Preeya & Pankaj

By 13 July, 2017 No Comments

Preeya and Pankaj had an incredible Cheshire wedding at the Mere Hotel and Spa in Knutsford

The day after I filmed Jade and Nick’s very English Cheshire wedding. I had the privilege of shooting an Asian Cheshire wedding… in The same venue! But it’s amazing to see what a difference a day can make. Yes I was back at the Mere hotel but it felt a million miles away compared to the day before.

I’d met up with Preeya and Pankaj a couple of times before the wedding. When I say our initial meeting went on for over two hours it says something about this couple. Now this meeting didn’t need to be two hours, oh no. But we got chatting and a bit carried away. These guys are so friendly and down to earth and just all around lovely people that it was really hard not to want to stay and have more coffee with them. So obviously I was really looking forward to their day.

strange as it sounds for a wedding day with over 200 guests, but the whole day had a strangely intimate feeling. There were a lot of family and friends there and there were some impressive decorations. But the whole day really felt like it revolved around these two and their new journey together. Everyone was in such good spirits and ready to have a laugh and enjoy themselves. Its possible in weddings of this magnitude for the bride and groom and their story to get lost somewhere in all the logistics and showiness of weddings. But really not for these guys. You could tell that their love was genuine and that everyone there was really there to support them in their new life together.

Oh and the sunset! At some point in the early evening Neil Redfern (their award winning photographer) came running in to tell us there was an amazing sunset going on outside. Preeya and Pankaj were well up to the task of standing there and looking very much in love whilst the sun set behind them through the trees. So we ended up with some incredible shots. I’ve not seen all of Neil’s yet but I’m assuming they’ll be something spectacular.

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