I’m Jon and I’m a wedding videographer.

Red seats is run by myself and my wife Rebecca.

If you’re going to invite us to the biggest day of your life you may want to know a little about us and Red Seats.

Things I like:

Cake. Puppies. Pizza. Coffee. Sunshine. My wife. Coffee. Cake. Lens flare. Whiskey. 80’s action movies. 90’s actions movies. Weddings. Acting. Pina colada. Getting caught in the rain. Video games. Indian food. Cake.

Things Rebecca Likes:
Cake. Books. Tortellini. Exploring cities. Baileys. Tea. Baking. Awful Netflix Rom-coms. Weddings. Glitter. Cake. Dogs. Restaurants that dont put goats cheese in the vegetarian option. Cake

jon anelli videographer

Why make films?

I love making films.

My uncle gave me a camcorder when I was 14 and I immediately started making my own action thrillers.

They were terrible and embarrassing and I hope nobody ever finds the tapes.

But then I did some film modules at University and started going to the cinema and watching DVDs with friends on an almost daily basis and it re-ignited the passion.

Why wedding films?

Why not Hollywood?

Hollywood is a long way from Manchester. The commute would be horrible. Also, if you’ve ever made a scripted film you’ll know it’s a long and boring process.

Filming a wedding is far more exciting.

We can plan all we like but you never know exactly what is going to happen on a wedding day and that’s the most exciting part. That’s how I approach the edit too. I don’t have a plan.

I look though everything that happened on the day and play about a bit with the images and audio until I find the stories that matter and the tone that works best.

It’s a tremendous sense of accomplishment that comes from putting the pieces together to create a film that really takes people back there in a new way.

jon anelli

Red seats is a stupid name for a wedding videographer.

Why not something cheesy like “Cherished love videos”?

Yeah, sure I could have gone with a cheesy name but that’s not what were about.

We don’t want to make films that are cheesy.

We make films that are cinematic in look and tell stories that elicit an emotion be it joyous or sentimental, like something you’d see at the cinema.

Cinema seats are traditionally red… so… Red seats.

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