Your Wedding video

Our wedding videos are all about telling your story.

We want to capture everything as it happens: the laughter, the tears… the cake.

To that end we try to shoot as discreetly as possible, using similar cameras to your photographer so as to blend in and put even the camera shy at ease.

Our wedding videos focus on combining beautiful imagery, captured audio and music to create a cinematic experience that captures the emotions of the day. We want to create not just a record of the day but something that takes you right back there whenever you watch it.

We feel that we make the best films when we’re there to capture as much of the day as possible. We always shoot from morning preparations to first dance, so our pricing is based on what you want in your film collection.

Simple pricing

We try to keep our pricing as simple and transparent as possible, so we offer two basic film collections.


If there’s something specific you’re after though, we’re more than happy to offer you something bespoke that meets your needs.

All films are delivered in full HD on a custom USB flash drive, as well as the feature and highlights being uploaded online. DVD and BluRay are available but there is an additional charge. This is because of the extra time materials required to create and author discs

If you have any questions at all please just ask.