Hilltop country house wedding video – Ellie & Daniel

Ellie and Daniel had a lovely hilltop country house wedding in Cheshire at the beginning of August

The tale of the Boxer and the Dancer and the Hilltop country house wedding. It sounds like the title of a modern day fairy tale and I suppose for these guys it really is.

Ellie and Daniel have been through a lot together and that made their wedding day so much more poignant. But these guys weren’t the type to get over-sentimental or soppy over their wedding day. No, they really wanted their wedding day to be all about family and friends and that really came across if you were there.

There was so much going on, they’d really thought about how they could inject a little bit of fun into the day and make sure that family and friends were entertained. Some of the high points included some rather awesome balloon sculptures that were impressing more that just the kids.

In the evening we were treated to a visit from a couple of makeup artists, which doesn’t sound too exciting until I mention that their make-up consited primarily of glitter glue which brought a lovely touch of  festival glam to the evenings proceedings.

There were also lawn games aplenty, with croquet enjoying something of a resurgence at this wedding. The outdoor games were made all the more enticing by the fact that they were in the beautiful surrounds of Hilltop country house’s beautiful Cheshire countryside setting.

With a setting like this it was really easy for Jonny Draper (their rather awesome photographer, seriously… check his website out) and I to get some great shots of this lovely couple in the countryside. Though they joked that they really hadn’t intended to go full rustic for this wedding, the venue suited this wonderful couple and their gorgeous little family perfectly. Have a watch of the film and I think you’ll agree.

A quick shout out to the Staff who made Ellie and Daniel’s Hilltop country house wedding happen as they were all lovely and always helpful whenever I had any questions about the day’s proceedings

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